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    Upon signing up, you will gain access to our exclusive online #BOLTCULT community, which hosts private challenges to win LIT Swag, and gives you the ability to chat with your friends and the LIT Team!

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    The founders Justin & Taylor handpicked each piece of equipment, that specializes in strength, mobility & prevention.

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    GET LIT!

    During our 30-minute workouts, we will MOTIVATE, INPSIRE, & PUSH you past your LIMITS! So get ready to sweat to with us, laugh with us, and experience the last workout you will ever need! 

    • 2 Cardio Burn workouts
    • 1 Roll & Recover instructional video
    You can access these videos ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.


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    Our infamous “bootie blaster” band is specifically designed to stretch and fit comfortably around the ankles, knees, legs, and wrists. This band is guaranteed to leave you sore in all the right places.

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    This light weight resistance band with our snap proof sleeve system leaves you protected at all times. We designed this band for functional movements that help you strengthen, tone, and shape your body.

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    Our durable deep tissue foarm roller is designed to help you recover after your workouts. Some other amazing benefits of foam rolling are: increased blood flow, helps relieve muscle tension, increases range of motion, increases recovery time, and aids in injury prevention!

  • Description

    This all-inclusive box was created by the founders of the LIT Method that provides you with the equipment to complete a High intensity, Low impact workout from the comfort of your home. The kit includes, a LIT 30lb Band, Medium Fabric Bootie Band, and a Foam roller!

    Additional information

    Weight 3 lbs
    Dimensions 10 × 12 × 5 in