Hundreds of classes with our LIT Certified Instructors guiding you through LIVE and On-Demand workouts. Perfect for any level from beginners to absolute pros!


Through our low impact method, we focus on correcting posture, fixing muscle imbalances, and building strength in all the right places. That means little to no impact being placed on injury prone joints.


Our workouts focus on helping you become the best version of yourself. . We motivate, inspire, and educate you through every step of your journey.


Throw out the weights and get ready to experience strength training with our resistance band technology. Trust us. You’ve never worked out like this before.

Custom Workout Programs by LIT Method


We offer 1-4 week programs highlighting cardio, barre, strength training, rowing, physical therapy, and pilates. 


5/5 203 REVIEWS

This thing is the real deal!! I’m 6’5 and weigh around 235 lbs and thing thing crushes me in the best way! My old injures never get aggravated and I am now working out daily! I highly recommend this machine!

Andrew P.

I have been an athlete my entire life and suffered multiple injuries throughout my career. I have NEVER been able to work out at this intensity because of the injuries I have. Since I purchased the machine I have worked out 5x per week and I finally feel like I am back in the best shape of my life.

Thomas R.

Love how smooth the machine is and how it works my body without hurting my body!


Very happy with it so far! Loving the classes and versatility.

Kaila A.

I just bought my LIT machine and cannot express how much I love it. I’ve done 3 classes so far and am surprised at how intense they are! Can’t wait to see the results.

Gretchen S.

We had a rocky start getting app in place but we couldn’t be happier now! We had Uma call us and walked us through each step to get it set up! We love the machine and the classes are just wonderful! We cancelled our gym memberships and couldn’t be happier!

Donna P.

(1) Easy to assemble: I did it by myself in about 30 minutes; (2) doesn\'t take up much space, and is easy to flip up off the ground; (3) literally sit down and start rowing at your own pace and resistance level; (4) the class selection is everything I need. It is easy to navigate and has a goo

Jenni B.

Amazing machine! It doesn\'t take up a ton of space, easy to flip down and use and then flip back up for storage. It is fun and doesn\'t feel like a dreaded workout. Perfect for the person wants an at home workout without the same boring routine. My husband and I both use it and have seen

Sarah B.

An excellent machine that not only looks sleek but has endless possibilities for workouts. Love that it stands up. Love the various way we can use it. If I could improve one thing it would be the wheels, they dented my wood floors while move it until I got a mat. Overall, I\'m thrilled with the

Jessica P.

I LOVE this machine. The versatility of having strength training, cardio, pilates, and reflexology in one low impact machine is truly unheard of. Whether I’m taking a class through the App or cranking up my music and rowing at my own pace, there is no comparison to this rower. It’s definitely a

Juanita J.


LIT Method Instructor Cassidy



Cassidy is on a mission to make you feel strong, confident, and unstoppable, because you are! She believes in using music, movement, and motivation to get you to push you past your comfort zone and chase your dreams.

LIT Method Instructor Matt


Matt has a unique background in sports, teaching you how to train like an athlete. Through boxing, strength training, and conditioning you can always expect a challenge in his class. 
LIT Method Instructor Jazmin


Jazmin has an extensive background in barre to help you tone, shape, and strengthen your body through slow and controlled movements.
LIT Method Instructor Tiffany


Tiffany’s dance background fuels her classes with creativity and passion. After struggling with from a health condition, she will help you establish a strong mindset to give you the tools to overcome any barrier in your life. 
An article about the LIT Strength Machine in the GQ Magazine




Low impact training is the future of fitness. With LIT Method, there is no jumping, no running, and no weights. Designed to include a combination of strength training, cardio, and physical therapy, there’s little to no impact being placed on the ankles, knees, hips, elbows or shoulders — all of which are prone to injury with other workouts. This also makes LIT an appropriate form of exercise for those who are recovering from an injury.

Our platform offers hundreds of low impact classes highlighting cardio, barre, strength training, rowing, physical therapy and pilates. We add new classes everyday to help keep you engaged and ready to get LIT!

Our LIT Strength Machine will be processed and shipped out within 1-4 weeks. You can access your videos immediately upon signing up for the platform.


Yes! LIT empowers anyone from recreational rowers, to aspiring or professional athletes, to those struggling with an injury. In other words, LIT is for everyone!

Yes, you can cancel anytime! Please note that once we begin to bill you, cancellations take effect starting at the end of your current billing period. There are no partial month refunds or credits. If you cancel your free trial membership at anytime during the free trial period (in the first 30 days), you will not be charged.

LIT Strength Machine Return Policy:

If you are not satisfied with our Strength Machine, you may return it within 30 days of delivery for a refund minus any shipping or delivery fees. Returned products must be received in their original condition and original packaging to be eligible for a refund.  If the product is returned with damaged or missing parts, you may be charged an additional restocking fee. Please contact us info@litmethod.com to initiate a return.

Returning LIT Method resistance bands and accessories

All LIT equipment has been designed around high volume usage and is built to last. However, all resistance bands are non refundable.

Please contact us info@litmethod.com to initiate a return.

The LIT Strength Machine is 7ft x 1.75ft x 1.6ft. For many of our classes, you will need the width of a yoga mat next to the machine. When not in use, the machine can be stored vertically, taking up only 2ft x 2ft of space.

The LIT Strength Machine can support users up to 450LBS and 6’9”.