LIT Strength Machine

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Voted #1 multi-functional equipment of 2024.


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A smart training system that makes fitness more accessible than ever. Created and designed to remove any barriers that stop you from reaching your goals.  

  • Built in sensors that track movements. 
  • Measures pounds lifted, reps, and more.
  • Follow along classes with real time progress tracking.

Get a custom training plan

We build bodies, we don’t break them! Get a custom training plan that guarantees results in just 30 days or less! 

  • Real time data insights and metrics to help you train smarter
  • Custom workout plans delivered with one tap
  • Workout adjustments based on your time, & energy levels. 
  • Daily notifications and scheduling.

Follow guided classes

We have over 3000 different classes to choose from ranging from 10-40 minutes.

  • Stream classes in Pilates, strength training, cardio and more!
  • Train with world class instructors.
  • Progress reports delivered to you daily.

Track and analyze your data

We keep track of your results and make adjustments to your custom training plan. 

  • Pairs with any phone, tablet, or smart device.
  • Get real-time feedback and adjustments
  • Just press GO for a custom workout based on your goals.

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Our mission

We believe that everyone deserves to be healthy, not limited to the select few. Our mission is to make being strong accessible to everyone and eliminate the barriers that stop people from getting started.

A man doing workout with LIT Axis

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