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The Problem

50% of employees are experiencing chronic pain each year.

are missed on average due to musculoskeletal (MSK) issues in ages 18-44.

of the US workforce will be made up by millennials by 2026.

is spent per employee per year on musculoskeletal issues.

of MSK surgeries are unnecessary.

Solutions Tailored to Everyone

We provide a fully immersive platform that gives employees universal access to Physical therapists and health coaches to prevent injuries and reduce pain.

Our goal is to stop an injury before it even happens. We offer preventive solutions like injury prevention, muscle imbalance detection, daily exercise classes, and stress management.

Our licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy creates customized programs that focus on prehab, rehab, and pain management.

Unlike other solutions, we provide a roadmap that keeps members engaged and healthy after they have completed their treatment with custom training programs for pain free living.

Our modern Solution

Taking care of your employees is an investment in the success & growth of your organization

We are the only solution that provides a data-rich experience with measurable strength. 

LIT Axis and metrics that can be tracked on the LIT App

Award Winning

Multifunctional system with innovative technology

This system is tailored to your employees individual needs. LIT AXIS is paired with over 3000 hours of engaging content from Doctors of Physical Therapy and certified health coaches. 

Premium technology & reporting

We detect and correct muscle imbalances, record repetitions, resistance loads, time under tension, and provide monthly, quarterly, and annual reports to show employee usage and activity.

Licensed physical therapists & certified health coaches

Our coaches & therapists have been nationally recognized for their unique approach to prehab, rehab, pain management, and general exercise.

Fully immersive experience

Our digital platform allows you to stream thousands of on-demand classes across eight different categories with world-class instructors and therapists. All of our workouts are low-impact, emphasizing injury prevention and longevity. 

LIT Trainer Tiffany doing Pilates exercise using LIT Axis resistance band


A revolutionary approach to Pilates using AXIS technology to track every rep on the left and right side of the body. Tone, shape, and strengthen using your ankle cuffs as Pilates loops. You can expect to perform exercises like froggers, the hundred, and so much more. 

Pro-Athlete Approved

"The specter of injury follows us around. That never goes away for an athlete. So to have this tool that can go with me on the road — and that has technology preventing me from over or under training — it's a big deal."

Bobby Wagner, LIT Investor & NFL Super Bowl Champion

LIT AXIS technology measures & corrects muscle imbalances to prevent future injuries.

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