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LIT AXIS — Pro-athlete approved

"LIT AXIS™ is a portable smart resistance band training system that replaces your cable system, free weights, suspension trainer, pilates reformer, and more."

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Workout Machine of My Dreams

"The LIT Method Strength Machine Review — The workout machine of my dreams and it counts Jay-z as a fan!"

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Jay-Z Invests in LIT Method

"Jay-Z’s Marcy Ventures — which he co-founded with Roc Nation’s Jay Brown and Larry Marcus — is investing in low impact, LA-based fitness company LIT Method."

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The Ultimate Prehab Machine

"The LIT Strength Machine the low-impact training machine that prevents injuries – and we know that prehab is a necessity for pro athletes"

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The Perfect Hybrid Machine!

"The LIT Strength Machine is Like the ClassPass of At-Home Workout Equipment."

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Voted Best Machine of 2022

"Combining a rower, a reformer and other strength-training elements into this versatile machine allows for multifunctionality."

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A Premium Machine

"LIT Strength Machine The Premium Training Systems to Help You Stay Fit at Home"

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Give Up The Gym Permanently

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LIT Method, high-intensity low impact training with founders Taylor and Justin Norris

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PumpRules Crew is Obsessed with LIT Method

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6 At-Home Fitness Machines for People Who Hate Spinning

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Best Gifts To Give This Holiday Season

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How to Get a Full-Body Strength Workout With Just Resistance Bands

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Workout That'll Light Your Glutes on Fire

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West Hollywood’s famed LIT Method has brought its intense, low-impact workouts.

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Former Los Angeles Dodger Player Adrian Gonzalez, speaks about Training for the Olympics on the LIT Strength Machine!

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It’s lit fam

"Honestly, that’s the only way to describe the amount of praise LIT Method receives online. Their company website boasts a score of over 5/5 stars based on 155 ratings."

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"Combining a rower, a reformer and other strength-training elements into this versatile machine allows for multifunctionality. The custom LIT (Low Impact Training) workouts are designed to empower anyone."

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"LIT Strength Machine rated as the top compact rowing machine LIT Strength Machine Rated As The Top Compact Rowing Machine"

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LIT Strength Machine - The perfect machine for anyone looking for an at-home total-body workout.

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Natfluence Interview with Justin and Taylor Norris on How LIT Method is Unique From Others.

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A man using LIT Axis resistance band for workout



Based on 519 reviews
Jasen Williams (San Francisco, US)
LIT rower

The rower is a great fitness that has allowed me variety in strength and cardio exercises. The instructors / classes are great.

Eric K.
My best investment of 2020

Can't say enough about the Litmethod machine. Quality just like the professional gym equipment, Classes are amazing. I love the on demand option and the ability to take a live class. The instructors are high energy and keep you motivated. If you want something that works every part of your body and is low impact I highly recommend the Litmethod machine. You will be happy you did. They also have great customer service to go along with everything else!

Beth B.

The LIT program has changed my life in so many ways. I started going to LIT Method studio after having back surgery. The LIT Strength Machine and what it has evolved to have changed my body and made me excited to take class. Justin and the other instructors are inspiring and keep you engaged through the whole workout. It is a true full body workout. The accessories take the workout to another level.

Raquel O

Thrilled with my LIT Machine. I was attracted to LIT years ago because of an injury, and am happy that they have expanded their repertoire. The machine is like a Swiss Army Knife - it offers a lot of functionality. I appreciate their focus on "building" not "breaking" bodies.

Francine R.
The best machine I have ever used!

I have been to every group fitness class from Soul Cycle to Orange Theory and there is nothing like LIT! The LIT Machine and online workouts are out of this world! The machine does so much more than a treadmill or spin bike and I feel like it helps my posture and joint pain! Thank you Rachel for the amazing customer support :)

Love my new machine!

I've been going to LIT Method in person classes and was so sad when it closed because of COVID! Glad that they came out with a home machine so I can continue my workouts with them :) So convenient and so many uses! Definitely worth it.

Melissa S.
Better than other home machines/on demand programs

I was debating between this machine or a spinning bike and for once in my life, I made a good life decision by going with the LIT Strength Machine! I had been attending the in-person classes for over a year so I knew that this was a workout I would stick with. The upside to LIT Method classes and especially the LIT Strength Machine is that you do so many different types of workouts in a single class. I love how the instructors use the machine in different ways and more than just for traditional rowing! Plus alternating between rowing on the machine and floor work keeps these workouts interesting. Also, there are so many different types of workouts/classes offered via the On Demand subscription including even Barre classes! I highly recommend going with the LIT Strength Machine over any others because of all the variations of workouts it offers. LIT Method is about to become the leader in fitness so highly recommend getting in now :)

Jared L.
This Machine Does EVERYTHING!

I bought this machine in December and i'm blown away with everything you can do on it! I have been a loyal fan of Peloton for years but decided I needed to incorporate some strength training into my routine and a friend recommended this machine. You can work your entire body and get cardio at the same time. Oh, and I love the low impact approach due to previous injuries. Videos are outstanding and MOTIVATIONAL!

Awesome Machine

I finally got my machine out of the box and set up and I am beyond pleased with the set up! My husband LOVES it!!!

Lit machine

The Lit Machine along with the on demand classes have really gotten me motivated after 10 years of devoting my time to motherhood. Now my daughter and I both use the machine and love it! I highly recommend the investment!


I could not be more happy with my choice after researching so many rowers. Well built, versatile, challenging, & fun! The sound of water, no electrical requirements, vast Library of workouts (pre-recorded & Live), excellent music played, are just some
Of the reasons why I am happy and impressed! Well done LIT!


At first it seems like just an overpriced rower (albeit smoooooooth) but Lit does do a decent job of expanding options to utilize the machine. Once they grow I hope they will expand their budget to higher quality videos and trainers, but for now, it is cheaper than a Tonal! And the most enjoyable rower I've used.

New to Lit

My wife and I purchased a LIT as a Christmas present to ourselves and, after some holiday travels, finally got a chance to set it up and use it this week. Set up was easy, classes are awesome...we absolutely LOVE the machine. This was a much needed addition to my life after 23 years of playing rugby and needing a new focus!

Thanks LIT!

Love this Machine

Quick delivery, easy to set up. As promised, literally a full body workout. Easy to use APP. Love this machine so far!

Adam D.
Whole Body Difference

I love running but found my core and upper body strength just wasn't there which results in constant injuries. This machine is perfect for building the entire body and because of the variety of exercises its never boring. I love that its stand alone as well, no fancy electronics just a great workout.

Overall, a wonderful piece of equipment

I will say however, that for the price you're paying, the instruction manual could have been a little clearer. To charge almost as much as Peloton, where they deliver it to your house and put it together for you, I would have loved to have had that service option available. Otherwise, the workout machine is incredible and well worth the money.

Eric F.
Many options

I get bored of similar workouts but this machine has too many options for that too happen, also easy and small to store when not using, everyone should have one.

Good workout

The LIT machine itself is a great workout! I had used other rowing machines and am impressed with this one so far. I am not thrilled that there is no Android app as of yet to use for classes, but I'm told it is in the works. The only issue I've had so far is the band can slide off of the machine when pulling to the side. The assembly was very easy and the machine is well built.

Great decision to purchase

What separates this machine is the versatility. Rowing plus strength training. As a newbie the app has been easy to navigate to get started in maximizing the machine. AND….I had a customer service question shortly after the machine arrived and the email response time was incredible. The team responds very quick!

Fun and Effective

Easy to put together. Very smooth motion. Fun classes I look forward to. As there are 15 minute classes…no excuses! I love that I feel strong! And the company responds to any requests very quickly.

Jolynn R.
Amazing total body workout!!

This is more than just a rower it's everything you need to workout! Got my machine about a week & my husband has actually used it more than me! Which is very shocking bc he's the kind of guy that likes heavy weights! I think he's more obsessed than me! Great machine! Highly recommended! Great customer service! Hoping for this company to come out with more machines in the future, like a treadmill, I would totally buy the whole package from this company!

Awesome piece of equipment

Me and my girlfriend love our lit machine!
Love to get a good workout in on it...and Love the way it stands up straight to save space when I'm done using it. Also the programs are great, and worth every penny.

Great Total Body Workout

The LIT Strength Machine has completely exceeded my expectations. From the quality of the product, to the workouts. If I could give it 6 stars, I would.

Love it!

A great low impact machine where I can combine cardio with strength training. I have never done Pilates, but excited to learn in the privacy of my home! So far, I am enjoying the variety and level of classes & am looking forward to checking out more. This has been the answer to working out with the hip pain I have been dealing with!

Everything they said it is

I got my machine and just did my first workout. The machine was everything the site and other reviewers said that I saw online. Machine is great and so far the one instructor class I took was great. Looking forward to getting back into shape with this machine. A big thank you to the team that helped with my issues getting the machine due to the carrier being difficult in my area.

Woman in red pants using LIT bands in her basement gym


I love my strength machine, not only does it help improve my tennis swing. It is great for my entire family. My husband loves the rowing for cardio, I love the strength training and pilates classes! I'm 64 years old and I'm working our 4-5 times a week on it without any pressure on my joints!

A man using LIT Axis for working out

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