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Custom Partnerships

We offer a wide range of commercial partnerships and a unique digital experience.

Designed for injury prevention and recovery workouts, the patent-pending LIT Strength Machine is built to empower everyone from recreational rowers, to aspiring or professional athletes, to those struggling with an injury. The only machine to combine strength and cardio to work 100% of your muscles, the LIT Strength Machine and its digital platform make the perfect all-in one setup for any location.

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Provide clients an on-demand digital experience and the ability to connect with other users across the country.

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Allow users to access custom built programs from 1-4 weeks.

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One machine for unlimited workouts. Rowing, Pilates, strength training, barre, rehab, and more.

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Complimentary staff training

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Unlimited user profiles

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A machine built for every one

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Transform your unique space with our LIT Strength Machine. Gain a competitive advantage by using a single, versatile machine for a variety of Low Impact Training workouts.

Rehab & physical therapy clinics · Integrative fitness studios · Health clubs Hospitality · Sports facilities · Schools & college campuses

Girl in red outfit using LIT Bands to work out in a dark studio


LIT method originated in a physical therapy clinic — where our founders provided outpatients with an unconventional rehabilitation program centered around coupling resistance bands and rowing. With the patent-pending LIT Strength Machine designed for injury prevention and recovery workouts, you can provide an alternative approach to getting your clients well and helping them maintain their long-term health.

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Boutique betterment is at the heart of LIT Method. Guided personal training and small group fitness settings are incredibly valuable venues for teaching the benefits of LIT. Transform your unique space with our LIT Strength Machine and gain a competitive advantage by using a single, versatile machine for a variety of Low Impact Training workouts including cardio, barre, strength, rowing, and pilates.

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In a post-pandemic world, safety and turnover will be more important than ever before. Self-guided workout machines in gyms and large group settings are often obstacles — leaving owners with the challenge of cleaning more equipment and with less efficiency. The LIT Strength Machine offers 500 + workouts and its all-in-one design decreases touchpoints and simplifies the often piecemeal and expensive sanitizing process required with multiple setups.

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The best full-service accommodations offer state of the art amenities. Our all-inclusive LIT Strength Machine combines strength, cardio, and 500+ Low Impact Training exercises — in other words, the perfect fitness and self-care amenity. Hotels, rentals, destination clubs, and more can partner with us to provide guests a unique digital experience tailored to their goals and much needed time away.

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From amateur to professional sports and beyond, the LIT Strength Machine is proving the ultimate companion for athletic excellence. Designed for injury prevention, rehabilitation, and personal training, our patent-pending machine and Low Impact Training workouts are providing everyone from the weekend warrior to the Major League Baseball player the ability to stay strong for any sport. Bring our machine and method to your training facilities and give athletes a new way to power their passions.