The LIT Strength Machine™
Vertical Storage LIT Strength

The LIT Strength Machine™

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The LIT Strength Machine is an all-in-one Rower, Reformer, and Strength trainer. Designed for form and function, track premium metrics like reps, resistance loads, meters, distance, and speed. With built-in low-profile wheels, you can easily move and store your machine vertically.

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LIT Trainer Jazmin doing workout on the LIT Strength Machine

The most versitile machine on the planet.

Lit Strength Machine

Rowing workout on the LIT App and different metrics that are getting tracked

LIT Strength Machine Classes


We offer a wide range of classes that range from Rowing, Pilates, Circuit Training, Scenic Rows, Rowing x Strength, Strength Training and more. The LIT Strength Machine is the only water rower that doesn't require electricity but tracks all your metrics such as speed, distance, repetitions, time under tension, total volume and more.

LIT Strength Machine Metrics

Performance Reporting

We build bodies, we don’t break them with our Low Impact Training™ Method.  All of our workouts are designed to correct posture, fix muscle imbalances, and aid in injury prevention while delivering results. While tracking your heart rate zones, calories, and more.

Freestyle mode in LIT App

Not into instructor led classes?

Track your metrics without a guided class!

We offer 3 modes to your LIT Strength Machine Experience, guided classes, Scenic Rows, and Freestyle mode. This will give you the ability to track your metrics such as repetitions, time under tension, speed, distance, split times and more with our accessories.

Self Guided Rowing on the water

Scenic Rows

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The Lit Strength Machine on black background
Performs 500+ exercises
Performs 500+ exercises
Adjustable water resistance from 10lbs-40lbs
Adjustable water resistance from 10lbs-40lbs
Soft Durable 90 Degree Seat
Soft Durable 90 Degree Seat
Stores Vertically
Stores Vertically

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LIT Strength Machine

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  • LIT Strength Machine
  • 20lbs Standard Set of Resistance Bands
  • 2X Handles
  • Tablet Attachment
  • Free Shipping ($250 value)
  • Free 3-Month Membership to LIT On-demand

Memorial Day Pack

$1649 or as low as $36/month


  • LIT Strength Machine
  • LIT AXIS System
  • 2X Handles
  • 2X Ankle Cuffs
  • Battle Ropes
  • Tablet Attachment
  • Free Shipping ($250 value)
  • Free 3-Month Membership to LIT On-demand

Pro Pack

$2099 or as low as $36/month


  • LIT Strength Machine
  • LIT AXIS System
  • 2X Handles
  • 2X Ankle Cuffs
  • Strength Bar
  • Battle Ropes
  • Machine Mat
  • Tablet Attachment
  • Free Shipping ($250 value)
  • Free 3-Month Membership to LIT On-demand
Male in blue shirt moving his LIT Strength Machine on its end

7ft length • 1.75ft depth • 1.6ft height
89lb weight • 75lbs without water.

Built-in low profile wheels, with vertical storage taking up only 2 ft by 2ft of space.

Never empty or change your water, just drop one treatment tablet every 12 months.

User weight limit is 450lbs and user height limit is 6’9

Integrated tablet attachment to connect to our LIT app.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 573 reviews
LA (Kansas City, US)
Love the LIT machine!

We love our LIT machine! This is the most versatile piece of equipment on the market and it truly provides a all inclusive workout experience. We couldn’t be more pleased! And the support team is super helpful! Would recommend to anyone!

Laura C (Wayne, US)
It's LIT

The machine was easy to assemble, though the little siphon was helpful, a funnel would've been more easier for getting water into the rower. But that's me being picky. The machine itself runs smoothly, the app is great and offers a variety of classes based on your current level of fitness. I was surprised that the rowing sensor wasn't included and is additional - if you're looking to buy the rower, make sure you add it so you can track your rowing speed and distance!

Ira Henschel (Salisbury, US)
Lovin' It

Only been a week, but I am loving the workouts I am getting from the LIT Strength Machine. I'm 51, 6'1" and presently 286#'s, been working on the road for years now I have the time to concentrate on ME. I can already see a difference in my mobility and HR during the day and workouts.
The machine was easy to assemble and has been working as described. The app has plenty of classes, I am starting with the beginner ones for sure, and still getting a good workout.
I am so looking forward to this journey and seeing where this machine takes me.

Taylor Spadacenta (Branford, US)
Great Customer Service

I LOVE THE MACHINE, but to be honest I was disappointed with the app at first because many of the videos were a visual of the old attachments. Customer Service team member, Michelle, heard me and was SO helpful and now I love all that LIT has to offer :)

W. L. (Pecos, US)

Rower was very easy to assemble. I enjoy the rower and it gives you a good workout.

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Frequently Asked Questions

LIT Method is the foundation for a lifelong workout; we provide a safe, functional and effective workout that minimizes impact on bones and joints...

Strength Machine FAQ

With LIT Method, there is no jumping, no running, and no weights. Designed to include a combination of strength training, cardio, and physical therapy, there’s little to no impact being placed on the ankles, knees, hips, elbows or shoulders -- all of which are prone to injury with other workouts.

The LIT Strength Machine is an all-in-one rower, reformer and strength trainer. Standard rowing machines have one level of resistance and work 86% of your muscles. The LIT Strength Machine has four resistance levels from 10-40LBS, works 100% of your muscles, performs 500+ exercises, stores vertically, and doesn’t require electricity.

Yes, this is the world’s only rower, reformer, and strength trainer! LIT ankle cuffs are needed for LIT Pilates classes on our machine. 

The LIT Strength Machine frame has a lifetime guarantee and a 5-year guarantee on all other parts.

All machines are back in stock. Once your LIT Strength Machine is processed and it will be shipped out next business day! You can access your videos immediately upon signing up for the platform.

The membership is optional. All LIT Strength Machine purchases come with a 3-month complimentary trial for LIT On-Demand. Additionally, complimentary access to LIT On-Demand is available immediately upon ordering. However, your three-month trial time period won’t begin until you receive your machine. More time to learn about and love getting LIT! You can start or stop your membership anytime. 

Yes! Up to five users are authorized with  your LIT membership.

The LIT Strength Machine can support users up to 6’9” and 450LBS.

We pre-assemble 85% of your machine prior to shipment so you can spend more time getting LIT. Assembly requires 4 screws and takes less than 10-minutes.

The LIT Strength Machine is lightweight, heavy-duty, and requires no maintenance. The water does not need to be changed. Simply drop in a chlorine tablet (provided by us with the shipment of your machine) every year for clear, pristine water in the drum. 

Yes, the LIT app is available in the Apple App store. It is compatible with all devices, you can download it HERE.

Yes, our LIT app that integrates with all of our equipment is available on the Google Play Store. You can download it HERE.