The World's Smallest Smart Gym

LIT AXIS™ smart resistance bands come with expert guidance and a personalized coaching plan. 

The Smart Band

  • Measure every movement with real-time feedback.
  • Tracks your reps, lbs, and muscle activation.
  • No charging or fussing with cords!

Personalized coaching at your fingertips

LIT AXIS™ uses built in sensors, that track your metrics and customize your workouts based on your goals. Gain access to thousands of on-demand classes, custom programs, and more. “It’s like a having a personal trainer, in the palm of your hand.” - Popsugar

Performance insights to help you train smarter

LIT AXIS™ has built-in sensors that track real time movements so you can measure the impact you are having on your body. Measure reps, pounds lifted, time under tension, and detect and correct muscle imbalances with our smart fitness resistance bands

A fully portable training system

Designed for change, LIT AXIS™ comes with everything you need to complete any type of class including Pilates, strength training, and recovery. Our patented locking system allows you to easily interchange different levels of resistance.

Wireless smart resistance bands

Easy setup within seconds

LIT AXIS™ doesn’t require any cords or charging so it’s always ready when you are. All you have to do is pull the carabiner, mount your system, and get started. It’s that easy! 

Revolutionize your workouts

We will recommend specific classes based on your goals, injuries, and data. Gain access to thousands of classes that focus on Pilates, strength training, cardio, recovery and more.


A revolutionary approach to Pilates using AXIS technology to track every rep on the left and right side of the body. Tone, shape, and strengthen using your ankle cuffs as Pilates loops. You can expect to perform exercises like froggers, the hundred, and so much more. 

Self guided workouts

Freestyle & open gym mode

Not into instructor led classes? We've got you covered, now you can track your metrics like reps, time under tension, total volume and more all self guided!

Take us anywhere

Universal anchor points

See what's included

LIT Axis smart sensors with all accessories- Pair of resistance trainers, pair of handles, pair of ankle cuffs universal anchor and protective carrying case

All Accessories

• Pair of AXIS Smart Sensors
• Pair of Resistance Trainers (0-60LBS)
• Pair of Resistance Trainers  (30-100LBS)
• Pair of handles
• Pair of ankle/wrist cuffs
• Universal anchor for multiple attachment points
• Lightweight protective carrying case

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Pro-Athlete Approved

"The specter of injury follows us around. That never goes away for an athlete. So to have this tool that can go with me on the road — and that has technology preventing me from over or under training — it's a big deal."

Bobby Wagner, LIT Investor & NFL Super Bowl Champion

Frequently Asked Questions


Well, you only have one body, you should make it last! LIT AXIS provides data insights in Strength, Symmetry, and Recovery to ensure you build a balanced body. Think of us as your 1-1 personal trainer who tracks your progress and makes recommendations so you can feel and function at your best, without the risk of injury. 

It’s simple, poor posture and muscle imbalances lead to injury. Are you stronger on one side of your body? We bet you are! AXIS technology detects and corrects these issues and provides you with real-time data to ensure you are getting results, not injuries.

Yes! You can use LIT AXIS without any anchor point and perform hundreds of exercises in strength, Pilates, cardio, and recovery. We strive to be as versatile as possible so you can always take your workouts wherever you go. The universal anchor is included in your kit complimentary!

We have a growing library of 3000+ classes across multiple categories like strength training, Pilates, cardio, core, recovery, and more. We also customize your experience with curated programs ranging from 1-4 weeks.

At LIT, we offer a fully customized experience based on your onboarding assessment. We offer thousands of classes in Pilates, strength training, cardio, core, recovery, and more! You can also take custom programs that range from 1-4 weeks in each category and new classes are added every single day.

We are the only fully portable smart Pilates system that measures your pounds lifted, reps, and muscle activation. Our smart sensors measure your impact on the left and right side of your body and provide real-time feedback to ensure you perform the exercise correctly and get a full range of motion. 

Unlike weights, the AXIS resistance system doesn’t rely on gravity and can be used in multiple planes of motion while placing little to no impact on injury-prone joints. LIT AXIS can hold up to 200lbs (using our power band accessory) and provides constant tension through exercises which equal more muscle activation. 

Yes! Our training mode, “freestyle, “ allows you to select your muscle group and track your metrics without an instructor-led class. In this mode, you will track your weight lifted, reps, time under tension, muscle imbalances, and more. 

Every purchase comes with a full kit to perform every type of workout and includes:

  • One pair of AXIS Smart Sensors that pair with any device via bluetooth and hold up to 200LBS.
  • One pair of adjustable LIT bands (0-60LBS)
  • One pair of adjustable LIT bands (30-100LBS
  • One pair of handles
  • One pair of ankle cuffs
  • A universal anchor for multiple attachment points
  • A lightweight protective carrying case

With built in smart sensors, our trademarked symmetrical strength training provides a revolutionary left-right approach for detecting and correcting muscle imbalances. We also track reps, resistance loads, total volume lifted, calories, and time under tension. 

We offer a 5-year warranty on all accessories and a lifetime warranty on AXIS sensors with an active membership.

LIT AXIS™ is the world’s first portable, connected fitness system that doesn’t require electricity or charging. This sleek, compact design allows you to take metrics on the move and train from anywhere, anytime. 

Yes, our LIT app that integrates with all of our equipment is available on the Google Play Store. You can download it HERE.

Yes, the LIT app is available in the Apple App store. It is compatible with all devices, you can download it HERE.