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Low-Impact-Training. We are the creators of LIT™ and focus on building bodies, not breaking them. With our machine and method, we have carefully created workouts that deliver results, not injuries.


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Workouts designed by our founders.

Injury Prevention

Fix muscle imbalances.

Science backed workouts

Science backed workouts.

Personal Training, Physical Therapy, and Injury Prevention.

Built for Longevity.

Train risk free from injury

Train like an athlete, risk-free from injury.

LIT Trainer doing workout on the LIT Strength Machine


LIT™ is committed to longevity. The Machine and Method enables you to preserve your body and prep for doing what you love most. We help #PowerYourPassions. We offer live classes, custom programs, and classes that range from strength training to pilates.

A man doing workout on the LIT Strength Machine


Strength training doesn’t have to mean weight training. With no running, no jumping, and no weights, our workouts focus on injury prevention and longevity.



LIT is about more than looking good-it’s about feeling good! It’s about rebuilding your body, living injury free, so you can focus on the things you love to do…outside of your workouts.


5/5 487 REVIEWS

I got my machine and just did my first workout. The machine was everything the site and other reviewers said that I saw online. Machine is great and so far the one instructor class I took was great. Looking forward to getting back into shape with this machine. A big thank you to the team that helped


I enjoy pilates but wanted to incorporate more cardio in my routine. I was intrigued when I found LIT. After doing some thorough research, I decided to take the plunge and get it. The machine is very well made and decently easy to put together. I\'m a few classes in and after each class I am so


I was shopping for a reformer and realized I would need a personal coach but don\'t have coach funding. I then started looking at low-impact options that work your whole body as swimming would and found rowers are a great option. I knew I wanted a water rower with online classes. The LIT Method

Koyan W.

Loving the LIT trainer. I have a nagging shoulder injury that I\'m working through with PT so a lot of forms of strength training are not possible for me right now. It\'s easy to modify exercises so that I\'m not exacerbating my shoulder while still having a great variety of exercises

Ashley C.

I looked at all types of rowers. I don\'t like doing the same thing over and over. The Lit Rower is perfection!! I love hearing the sound of water and it gives me a full body workout with so many options and fitness levels! It\'s so refreshing to get up and have so Many options from rowing

Suong C.

I just got my new rower. I have only used it once but it seems like a high quality machine. Very easy to assemble. Customer service is outstanding as all of my questions have been answered promptly. Staff is obviously very knowledgeable about the product. I would definitely recommend to friends and

Lia M.

Have always liked rowing. But no longer go to the gym, as I am full time caregiver for my Father. But I definitely want my workouts. I received a few days ago and did my first Rowing Kickstart today. I am hooked....not only hooked, but LIT!! Thank you for an awesome versatile strength training machi

Michele S.

Before this machine, I did not know anything about rowing. I just knew I couldn’t run the way I used to. My knees were hurting and it was becoming to painful. After gaining some weight, I started looking into workouts that were light on my joints. My research brought me to rowing. After I found th


I could’ve gotten myself a new treadmill, but I decided to go with LIT Strength Machine. Huge benefit for me is if I get tired of Rowing, I can always switch it up and try out their other LIT programs that doesn’t require me to row. In the meantime, though, I haven’t gotten tired of rowing yet

Chea M.

I really enjoy this machine so far. The sound of the water has been relaxing to hear while I exercise, and I look forward to the sweat I get from rowing. I love that you can have a versatile workout with all the resistance bands and the strength bar as well. Also, the quality of the machine feels so

traci t.




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With LIT Method, there is no jumping, no running, and no weights. Designed to include a combination of strength training, cardio, and physical therapy, there’s little to no impact being placed on the ankles, knees, hips, elbows or shoulders — all of which are prone to injury with other workouts.

The LIT Strength Machine is an all-in-one rower, reformer and strength trainer.

Standard rowing machines have one level of resistance and work 86% of your muscles. The LIT Strength Machine has four resistance levels from 10-40LBS, works 100% of your muscles, performs 500+ exercises, stores vertically, and doesn’t require electricity.

Can I do Pilates on this machine? Yes! This is the world’s only rower, reformer, and strength trainer! LIT ankle cuffs are needed for LIT Pilates classes. 

The LIT Strength Machine frame has a lifetime guarantee and a 5-year guarantee on all other parts.


All machines are back in stock. Once your LIT Strength Machine is processed and it will be shipped out next business day! You can access your videos immediately upon signing up for the platform.


The membership is optional. All LIT Strength Machine purchases come with a 3-month complimentary trial for LIT On-Demand. Additionally, complimentary access to LIT ON-Demand is available immediately upon ordering. However, your three-month trial time period won’t begin until you receive your machine. More time to learn about and love getting LIT!


How much is the subscription after my free trial? Unlimited access to live and on-demand classes, and signature LIT programs is $24.99 per month.


Can I cancel my subscription anytime? Yes! You can start or stop your membership anytime. 


Can multiple people use the membership? Yes! Up to five users are authorized with  your LIT membership.


Is the app available for iOS users?  The LIT app for accessing LIT On-Demand is available on all IOS devices.


Is the app available for Android users? You can access the LIT On-Demand platform with any smart device that has internet access or cast it to your smart TV. 



LIT Strength Machine Return Policy:

If you are not satisfied with our Strength Machine, you must return it within 30 days of delivery for a refund minus any shipping or delivery fees. Returned products must be received in their original condition and original packaging to be eligible for a refund.  If the product is returned with damaged or missing parts, you may be charged an additional restocking fee. Please contact us ondemand@litmethod.com to initiate a return.

LIT On-demand Cancellation: We do not refund any subscription fees past the renewal date.

Returning LIT Method resistance bands and accessories

All LIT equipment has been designed around high volume usage and is built to last. However, all resistance bands are non refundable.


The LIT Strength Machine is 7ft x 1.75ft x 1.6ft. When not in use, the machine can be stored vertically, occupying only a 2ft x 2ft footprint.


The LIT Strength Machine can support users up to 6’9” and 450LBS.



We pre-assemble 85% of your machine prior to shipment so you can spend more time getting LIT. Assembly requires 4 screws and takes less than 10-minutes.

 The LIT Strength Machine is lightweight, heavy-duty, and requires no maintenance. The water does not need to be changed. Simply drop in a chlorine tablet (provided by us with the shipment of your machine) every year for clear, pristine water in the drum.