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When our founders began prototyping the LIT Strength Machine in early 2018, they had already had years of rowing under their belt.

Having both experienced a series of debilitating injuries, Justin and Taylor Norris became familiar with the famed WaterRower designed by US National Team Rower John Duke. After using it to recover from a number of challenging issues with their shoulders and forearms, the couple began teaching their physical therapy and personal training clients the benefits of rowing:

Works 86% of your muscles from one seated position.

Low impact to your joints.

Significantly less risk of injury.

These truths about rowing, of course, remain relevant today. But after opening LIT Method’s flagship studio and combining their signature rowing routine with an accompanying resistance band and mat workout, Justin and Taylor observed that the needs of the LIT community were changing, with clients asking some prescient questions:

“Can I use a different band if I have this injury?”

“Why can’t I adjust the resistance on my rower?”

“Does it do anything more?”

And like the lightning bolt at the heart of the LIT logo, a flash of inspiration struck.

Justin and Taylor realized a machine should and could do more. 

They knew that this was the moment to design a machine that could provide resistance from both water and bands in one piece of equipment.Woman doing workout on the LIT Strength Machine
They also knew that given the time to explore the habits and interests of their clients, and given the chance to iterate a product with injury prevention at the top of mind, they could deliver a machine that does, in fact, do more — a whole lot more.


The standard rower or water rower offers one level of resistance and one type of workout — cardio — which is to say, it offers one type of experience. 

But at LIT, rowing is one part of a much larger Low Impact Training and sustainable fitness experience. This is exactly why our founders worked to design a machine with a variety of benefits that include, but are not limited to, rowing.

For instance, the LIT Strength Machine has a dual tank drum with water resistance from 10-40 lbs, ideal for multiple users and incremental physical challenges.

LIT Strength Machine Water Levels


With a standard rower or water rower, there is only resistance in one motion, whereas with the LIT Strength Machine, you have consistent resistance throughout the movement.

While a standard rower is known for its narrow, generic footplate, the LIT Strength Machine includes an extended horizontal footplate to balance the split between your glutes, hamstring, and quads. This reduces the risk of injury to your hip flexors.


Its elevated seat reduces tension on your lower back, and its resistance bands and complimentary attachments empower you to perform 500+ exercises in everything from rowing, barre, strength training, physical therapy, and Pilates.

Simply put, it’s the first of its kind — a rower, a Pilates reformer, and a resistance trainer — all in one machine.

LIT Pilates program with LIT Instructor Tiffany

So while a rower or water rower can provide an adequate cardio workout that challenges 86% of your muscles, the LIT Strength Machine — through its multifunctional configuration — is designed to work 100% of your muscles while simultaneously protecting them from injury. 

This week, try one of our rowing classes and see the difference for yourself.

Or — why stop there? 

Why not combine rowing with any discipline from Pilates to barre, to strength and recovery, and more? 

After all, there’s nothing wrong with wanting more than a rower. In fact, our founders created this innovative machine for that very reason — so you could do a whole lot more with a whole lot less.