Introduced in 2016 by husband and wife team, Justin and Taylor Norris, the revolutionary Low Impact Training (LIT) Method is a combination of personal training, physical therapy, and injury prevention. After struggling with a series of recurring injuries of their own, the Norrises noticed a pattern of frustration and a fear of re-injury among patients and athletes in traditional rehabilitation settings. In an effort to provide a sustainable alternative, built on the promise of ‘no running, no jumping, no weights,’ their combination of rowing and resistance bands, and their success in ‘building bodies, not breaking them,’Justin and Taylor trademarked the method and opened a flagship studio in West Hollywood in 2016. In 2018, the husband and wife duo began developing the patent-pending LIT Strength Machine to bring the signature LIT in-studio class experience home and empower anyone from recreational rowers, to aspiring or professional athletes, to anyone struggling with an injury. Launched in May 2020, today the machine represents the next chapter in LIT Method’s longstanding vision for changing the way people approach fitness. With its companion LIT On-Demand platform, and a growing international family of subscribers, the Norrises’ LIT Method continues its growth in communities around the world. What started out with a realization that broken fitness ideologies lead to broken bodies, has inspired a method and a movement designed to help people at any age, physical disadvantage, disability, or circumstance, build and sustain their long-term health and well-being. This is only the beginning.
A man doing workout with LIT Axis

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