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4 quick easy steps to set up your lit axis

Below we will guide you through a seamless experience on how to set up your LIT AXIS + all the features of the accessories and metrics we offer.

LIT Axis and LIT App

Step 1: Redeem your complimentary membership

LIT AXIS™ doesn’t require any cords and gives you the freedom and flexibility to transform any space into your perfect gym.

A man using LIT Axis resistance band for workout


Step 2: Access our ondemand platform

Gain access to thousands of LIVE and OnDemand Classes. From Strength training, Pilates, Cardio, Recovery and more!

Step 3 : Connect your LIT Axis

LIT AXIS™ has built in smart sensors so all you have to do is "Pull" to activate. When you go to start your class, choose AXIS as a BLE device, the app will then prompt you through how to connect your device left vs right side. Watch the video below for this setup.


Our Universal Anchor is designed to be utilized in any size space as well as can be mounted to any door, tree, fence or sofa leg.

How to use + features of

Axis Accessories

Door anchor for smart resistance bands

Universal Anchor

You can attach your anchor to any door, pole, couch leg, or use it free standing! To learn how to attach your AXIS. Watch this video.


Let's break down our metrics

Here you will learn all of the benefits and features of our premium metrics we offer with our LIT app.

Lit Axis Metrics

Performance Reports

At LIT, we believe in building your body, not breaking it! AXIS provides premium metrics that allow you to train smarter, not harder. All of your metrics are stored inside of your profile and we will make class recommendations based on your results

Lit Axis Metrics


We count all of your reps on each side of your body so you don't have to! Each time you perform an exercise, we record your reps and store it in your dashboard. 

Lit Axis Metrics

Total Volume

This metric informs you of the total amount of resistance you have lifted during your workout on the left and right side of your body. To increase this number, all you have to do is add more resistance or increase your reps. 

Lit Axis Metrics

Time Under Tension

This metric informs you of total muscle activation during your workout. This is a great tool to understand how much time you are spending in specific muscles and reducing the impact in injury prone joints. 

Frequently Asked Questions

LIT Method is the foundation for a lifelong workout; we provide a safe, functional and effective workout that minimizes impact on bones and joints...


You can visit our help center HERE. This will help you answer any questions or provide troubleshooting answers.

We have a growing library of 300+ classes across multiple categories like strength training, pilates, cardio, core, recovery, and more. We also customize your experience with curated programs ranging from 2-4 weeks.

No! With no cords or charging required, our Smart Software automatically turns on when resistance loads are applied.

With built in smart sensors, our trademarked symmetrical strength training provides a revolutionary left-right approach for detecting and correcting muscle imbalances. We also track reps, resistance loads, total volume lifted, calories, and time under tension. 

We offer a 5-year warranty on all accessories and a lifetime warranty on AXIS sensors with an active membership.

Every purchase comes with a full kit to perform every type of workout and includes:

• One pair of AXIS Smart Sensors that pair with any device via bluetooth and hold up to 200LBS.
• One pair of adjustable LIT bands (0-60LBS)
• One pair of adjustable LIT bands (30-100LBS
• One pair of handles
• One pair of ankle cuffs
• A universal anchor for multiple attachment points
• A lightweight protective carrying case

LIT AXIS™ is the world’s first portable, connected fitness system that doesn’t require electricity or charging. This sleek, compact design allows you to take metrics on the move and train from anywhere, anytime. 

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