The LIT Strength Machine™ is the first of its kind — the only machine in the world to function as a rower, Pilates reformer, and strength trainer.

Water rowing and reformer Pilates are two of the most effective low-impact exercises a person can do. But having the ability to do them on the same machine — and often within the same class — is a total game-changer.


The LIT Strength Machine™ is the ideal rower for those who want to build strength, power, and endurance. Designed for a singular Low Impact Training (LIT™) resistance rowing experience, the rowing modality allows users to combine LIT’s signature variations and its resistance band technology for an innovative approach to each stroke.

But that’s not all!

With the LIT Strength Machine™, we’ve taken the classic reformer and its features and reimagined them with a focus on Low Impact Training (LIT™) principles. The LIT Strength Machine™ seamlessly transforms from a rower and resistance trainer to the ultimate reformer and Pilates partner — empowering users to strengthen posture, precision, and performance.


Traditional rowing can be monotonous — but not with the LIT Strength Machine, the only rower that utilizes 100% of your muscles and provides a total body workout with little to no impact on injury-prone joints.

With an emphasis on order, power, and timing, our dynamic roster of rowing variations allows you to not only maximize your caloric burn, but also build strength and power in the process. From side to side rows, oblique twists, bicep curls, hinges, pulls, and raises, our variations will take you from the rut of routine rowing to the most revolutionary, versatile experience out there.

Our custom, extended footplate increases glute and hamstring activation while decreasing knee and ankle pain and reducing the risk of injury to your hip flexors. Every stroke should build you, not break you — and our proprietary design ensures our method for rowing will enable you to get stronger without setbacks.

With four LIT water resistance levels running from 10LBS to 40LBS in the dual tank drum, users can take advantage of the increased or decreased difficulty for variations. Additionally, resistance bands are designed to loop around both sides of the rower handle for increased resistance rows that strengthen the core and arms.

Try our Master the Machine program and discover why LIT’s resistance rowing workout is the future of fitness.


Our brand’s Pilates programming and its versatility as a reformer have proved revelatory in the connected fitness market and inspired people around the country to join the Boltcult community.

The machine’s LIT cuffs function as Pilates loops and can be worn on both the ankles and wrists for doing a variety of poses and exercises such as leg and arm circles, rows, the frog, and the hundred.

And with resistance bands, users can decrease the risk of injury, strengthen muscle imbalances, correct posture, and increase mobility and flexibility. Our bands not only replace the need for springs found on a conventional Pilates reformer, but with eight attachment points,  users can perform exercises in the sagittal, frontal, and transverse planes of motion and find maximum versatility in a 360-degree setting around the machine.

The dual tank drum provides water-resistance levels running from 10LBS to 40LBS, ensuring the rower handle can be used for an underhand row to shoulder press sit-ups and high row to hinges with increased or decreased difficulty.

Perhaps most remarkable is that the seat functions as a carriage, allowing users to perform lunges, planks, pikes, and more.

The same extended footplate that offers benefits in the rowing modality gives users the ability to physically strap in to perform single-leg stabilizing Pilates exercises, and again, its positioning reduces the risk of injury.

Try our Pilates program for a unique approach using eccentric driven movement and less repetition to stabilize the joints, optimize breathing patterns, and create a mind-body connection.



Start with this classic exercise — focused on order, power, and timing — and work 86% of your muscles right out of the gate!

A man doing standard rowing exercise on the LIT Strength Machine


Your seat functions as the reformer carriage for optimal stability and hamstring activation.

A woman doing resistance based reverse lunge exercise on the LIT Strength Machine


This lower body move on the machine is a signature isolation exercise for the core and glutes.

A woman doing glute kickback exercise on the LIT Strength Machine


With more people looking for at-home fitness alternatives, we’ve seen a growing market for people looking to diversify their workouts.

The National Institute of Health points out that while most people prioritize one activity, research shows “that it’s important to get all four types of exercise: endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility.” The NIH also notably supports LIT’s long-standing belief that improving in one area can increase your ability in others — not to mention that “variety helps reduce boredom and risk of injury.”

In fact, during the pandemic, we’ve seen the launch of countless platforms offering water rower workouts, mat cardio, mat Pilates, and creative ways to circuit train with minimal equipment.

Sure, you can use your treadmill or do indoor cycling, turn your screen to the side, and hop off with free weights on the mat. You can do a similar routine with competitive water rower platforms.

But the LIT Strength Machine™is the first of its kind — the only machine in the world to function as an all-in-one rower, Pilates reformer, and strength trainer.

Water rowing and reformer Pilates are two of the most effective low-impact exercises a person can do. But having the ability to do them on the same machine — and often within the same class — is a total game-changer.

A standard water rowing workout allows a person to work 86% of their muscles. But the LIT Strength Machine™ offers our signature resistance rowing programming — a Low Impact Training workout that couples a challenging roster of rowing variations, band technology, and adjustable water resistance levels — making it the only rower utilizing 100% of your muscles and providing a total body workout with little to no impact on injury-prone joints.

In a standard Pilates reformer class, you’re looking to strengthen your core, improve posture, and find greater stability. But at LIT, we believe that Pilates is also about prehab — a proactive, Low Impact Training strategy that helps you identify high-risk areas, imbalances, and parts of the body that will benefit from a detailed program focusing on powering and preserving your muscles.

We get that conventional setups provide a level of familiarity and comfort. But at the heart of LIT is a drive for product design and innovation that offers multifunctionality and delivers results without injuries.

Multifunctional design is how we can serve the most people and in the safest way possible. Like the researchers at the NIH, our founders understood from personal and professional experience that variety and versatility play a profound role in longevity. They worked to fuse their extensive backgrounds in product design, personal training, and injury prevention to invent the world’s only all-in-one rower, reformer, and strength trainer — and in doing so, have introduced the ability for people to row and reform in one setup.

If you know that switching it up empowers you to play the long game, to build your body without breaking it — then why opt for a single discipline or setup? Why pay more to achieve and access less?

While the LIT Strength Machine offers 500+ low impact exercises including rowing, cardio, barre, strength training, physical therapy, Pilates, and more — it also stands apart from any rower or reformer on the market because its programming serves up a combination of Pilates and rowing movements in its single class settings as well.

Also worth mentioning is that the average Pilates reformer with a tower weighs between 150 and 300 pounds and its dimensions are anywhere from 6’ 8” long by 1’8” wide to 8’ 4” long by 2’ 6” wide. Traditional reformers also store horizontally or must be disassembled to fit in a smaller space. The LIT Strength Machine is 7’ by 1’ 6”, weighs 89 pounds with water included, stores vertically, and has wheels for portability.

And at $1750, the machine can be financed for as low as $48/month, compared with single functionality rowers retailing at $2199 and above, and Pilates reformers selling anywhere from $2200-$8000 and beyond.

So the question we think you should ask is — why not the LIT Strength Machine?

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